Did You Know Animals Help Depression and Anxiety?

Happy Caturday! Did you know animals can help depression and decrease anxiety? My cat Jr Mint definitely helps my #mentalhealth. He even gives me hi-fives 😊

Here are some articles noting the positive effects of animals on mental health:

Alleviating Anxiety, Stress, and Depression with the Pet Effect by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America

Pets and Mental Health by The Mental Health Association

Science Says Your Pet Is Good for Your Mental Health by Time Magazine

Pets Help People Manage The Pain Of Serious Mental Illness by Erin Ross on npr.org

It’s official: Pets benefit our mental health by Ana Sandoiu on MedicalNewsToday.com


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3 thoughts on “Did You Know Animals Help Depression and Anxiety?

    • Thank you for your comment! I’m glad you’re applying for a licensed anxiety dog. I do hope you will be allowed to have one. I think support animals are amazing. I’ve met many patients whose support animal greatly decreased anxiety, and I hope it can help you too. I’m fact, places such as hospitals, airports, and jails are allowing interaction with support pets due to their positive effects on mental health.

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