Interview with Bert, The 77 Year Old Hip Hop Dancer!

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Back in November, I made a video called “Make Exercise Fun!” where my friend/coworker, Mimi, and I show how dance is a fun way to exercise. (On a side note, check out the video if you want to see my terrible version of Mimi’s choreography 🙂 )

I came up with the idea for making a video promoting dance because I take hip hop dance classes at Dance Mission Theater in San Francisco least once or twice a week for exercise and fun. One of the people who always stood out in class was a spunky dancer who seemed to have endless energy and was definitely not huffing and puffing after doing a routine like the some of the class (like me :)). 

That dancer is Bert Houle, an amazing 77 year old hip hop dancer! He is the epitome of the Fountain of Youth and the perfect example of how regular exercise can keep you healthy.

At 77 years old, Bert takes dance classes everyday as his form of exercise. He doesn’t just take hip hop, he also takes dance classes for popping/locking, Afro-Haitian, West African, and Turfing!

Besides dancing, he also bolstered his health by quitting smoking about 10 years ago! Smoking cessation can be difficult, but hopefully seeing Bert tearing up the dance floor at 77 years old will help inspire those of you who smoke to quit.

I asked Bert to share a health tip, and he replied,  “Whatever you do, make sure it’s fun. I take dance classes because it’s a fun way to exercise.” I totally agree.  

Check out my interview with the amazing (and ever youthful) Bert Houle!